Federal Government Links

Federal Web Locator
FedWorld Info Network
Health Finder
Vote Smart Web
The White House
Copyright Office
Library of Congress
U S Business Advisor
ANSI - Am. Nat. Standards Inst.
ADA - Am. Disability Act
ATF - Alcohol, Tobbacco and Firearms
BLS - Bureau of Labor Stats.
CDC - Center for Disease Control
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
CIC - Consumer Info. Center
CPSC - Consumer Protection
CPSC Recall Roundup List
CRC - Contract Resource Center
DOL - Dept. of Labor
DOSH - Dept. of Safety and Health
DOS - Department of State
FBI - Fed. Bureau of Investigation
FDA - Food and Drug Admin.
FDIC - Fed. Deposit Ins. Corp.
FRB - Fed. Reserve Bank
FTC - Fed. Trade Comm.
GPO - Govt. Printing Office
HCFA - Health Care Fin. Admin.
HUD - Housing and Urban Dev.
NIOSH - Nat. Inst. of Occ. Safety
OSHA - Occ. Safety and Health Admin.
OSHA Computer Info. Sys.
NASA - Nat. Av. and Space Admin
NPS - Nat. Park service
SBA - Small Bus. Admin.
SEC - Securities and Exchange
SSA - Social Security Admin.
USPS - U. S. Postal Service
USPS Zip Code Lookup
USSS - U. S. Secret Service

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